Jal Kamal Yoga is able to deliver corporate yoga sessions in your office or work place throughout the Leeds area and across Yorkshire.

Office Yoga

Office yoga can be fun, innovative and relaxing with many long-term benefits. Prolonged work on the computer strains the neck, shoulder and back muscles, which leads to tension and stiffness. Unless attended to properly, it could impact your ability to function effectively at the workplace, affecting your overall quality of life. Introducing office yoga into your work place can have profound benefits, not only to health and wellbeing but also can boost staff morale and productivity.

Making corporate yoga exercises a part of your work place routine can work wonders as they wipe away stress, fatigue and tension and increase overall muscle strength, agility, flexibility, as well as creating inner calm and keeping you fresh and revitalised through the week.

30 Minute No Sweat

Enjoy the benefits of yoga without stressing the other stuff. In 30 minutes we can calm our minds through meditation, get a good stretch and take a short break from the workplace routine, feeling calm, fresh and reenergised. These sessions are perfect for early mornings or lunch breaks, in your conference rooms or open spaces.

60 Minute Flow

Take your company to the next level with a 60 minute class. This class will build agility, strength, and mental endurance. We teach anything from introspective Hatha yoga to a deep breathing Vinyasa Flow, depending on your preference and experience levels. As well as strengthening, this class will help you connect with your inner stillness and leave you feeling calm and in control.

Special Events

Invigorate your next corporate event with Jal Kamal Yoga meditation and mindfulness sessions. These classes are a perfect way to reward employees and partners, show you care, and add healthy movement to conferences and other extended events.

Interested? Get in touch

If you are interested in corporate yoga sessions get in touch with me by emailing jal@jalkamalyoga.co.uk or phone me on 07877051246.