I am a fully qualified practising Yogi. I have spent the past year living in India, practicing yoga and meditation daily. I completed my yoga alliance accredited teacher training in the spiritual place of Rishikesh, at the foothills of the Himalayas in Northern India.

My ‘you-centred’ yoga classes are inviting and nurturing leaving you feeling vitalised and reenergised with a deep residing sense of peace and wellbeing.

My name – Jal Kamal

Jal Kamal is my first name. My Father, who was born in India, chose my name based on a popular Indian song. He must have known my path, as Jal Kamal means Water (Jal) Lilly (Kamal). The Buddha himself used the Water Lilly / Lotus flower as a metaphor for the wonderful growth we are all capable of on the path to an enlightened and joyful life. The path and Yoga practice I teach is one focussed on the personal growth of my students… which in turn aids my own personal growth.

I look forward to working with you as we rise and bloom into our very best selves.

You-centred Yoga

I believe yoga is for everyone and all body types. It is not a physical sport but more of a lifestyle choice, a conscious move towards creating a better you.

Different Yogis and Yoga studios will have different focuses – some focus on fitness, toning and agility, some on stress relief, some on weight loss, some on spirituality – my focus is on YOU – you growing into being the best YOU you can be.

The physical aspects of my classes of course bring all the benefits you’d expect from regular exercise, but my teachings during classes are aimed at installing ideas and related routines that will give you the focus and encouragement to transform your life – working towards your desires to create a better, more joyful life for yourself.

Grow into you

My style of Yoga is designed to help you break free from your negative belief patterns and create a new life for yourself. You’ll continually gain the knowledge and experience to grow in wisdom, to edge yourself out of your comfort zone and through hard work strive for a better you. My goal is to help you to nurture and create the you, you aspire to be. In essence, through developing introspection, helping you unlock your true potential.

My style

My teaching truly encompasses mind, body and spirit – helping to tone and tame all three to create a more balanced, powerful and joyful you.
My style of yoga is a combination of meditation, yoga poses and breathing techniques. I take you through a guided meditation inviting you on a journey to connect with yourself, followed by a focused vinyasa flow, building physical and mental strength and ending with a breathing technique to help you feel calm, vitalised and reenergised.