PLEASE NOTE: Due to the CORONA VIRUS we have had to move all our classes online. Please visit our timetable page to find out times and how to join us for LIVE streaming interactive classes.

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I believe yoga is for everyone and all body types. It is not a physical sport but more of a lifestyle choice, a conscious move towards creating a better you.

Different Yogis and Yoga studios will have different focuses – some focus on fitness, toning and agility, some on stress relief, some on weight loss, some on spirituality – my focus is on YOU – you growing into being the best YOU you can be.

I deliver classes and workshops throughout Leeds and Yorkshire, as well as private lessons in your own home or at one of the many studios I utilise.


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I had a private session with Jal this week and she really is amazing! I suffer a lot with back ache and sore hips and she really helped me focus on the stretches that would help me to re-align my body and I felt great the following day. Jal is a true professional who takes pride their work.

Alicia von Achten Leeds

My first time in a yoga class. I felt warm, welcomed and relaxed. The routine was based on breathing & stretching but it was also a great workout. I felt accomplished after this one session and would recommend it to all people. Can't wait for my next session!

Tim Rial Leeds