Corona Virus Update: Private classes are now delivered online.

Please note, that due to the Corona Virus, as we all find ourselves having to isolate, all my private yoga sessions are now conducted by using either Skype or Zoom. Get in touch and we can talk about time slots that work for you. Don't be afraid of the technology - I'll guide you through and before you know it you'll be surprised how easy and convenient this way of working is. I look forward to hearing from you.

Corona Virus Update - Ends.

Jal Kamal Yoga is able to deliver private one to one yoga sessions in the comfort of your home or from one of the studio spaces I utilise throughout the Leeds area and across Yorkshire.

Yoga is for everyone and all body types. It is not a physical sport but more of a lifestyle choice, a conscious move towards creating a better you.

Everyone who enters the yoga journey all start off with a different focus in mind – some focus on fitness, toning and agility or recovery from injury, some on stress relief, some on weight loss, others enter on a spiritual path – whatever your needs are… my style of yoga focuses on YOU – you growing into being the best YOU you can be.

My one-to-one classes are designed to help you to explore yoga in a personalised way. I will travel to you, bringing yoga mats and other props to help with your development, providing you with encouragement and knowledge to delve deeper into your yoga journey and the chance to truly get what you want in a way that works for YOU and your wonderfully individual and unique body and lifestyle - Yoga that helps you grow into being the best YOU.

Yoga at YOUR convenience

Having me come to you means that you don’t have to worry about crowded classes, waiting lists, or scheduling your life around class times. It also means that you don’t have to spend time getting to and from class, so yoga can fit more seamlessly into your day, maximizing both your time and your energy.

Private Yoga sessions have the power to completely transform your comfort, ease and progression because together we can work in-depth and, in the moment - observing the effects and refining them to suit you.

Me + YOU-centred Yoga helps you grow into you

The relationship between a yoga instructor and a student is an intimate one. Yoga asks us to be vulnerable, to strip away judgment, expectations, and ego. My style of Yoga is designed to help and support you to break free from your negative belief patterns and create a new life for yourself. I will be able to provide knowledge and experience to grow in wisdom and strength, to edge yourself out of your comfort zone and through hard work strive for a better you. My goal is to help you to nurture and create the you, you aspire to be. In essence, through developing introspection, helping you unlock your true potential.

Interested? Get in touch

If you are interested in private one to one yoga get in touch with me by emailing or phone me on 07877051246.